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Little, Large, & Level-Headed

Every year Transition Year students in St. Louis Dundalk get the opportunity to create a company. This year we decided to write a book. It was quite a daunting task. We had an idea for a book, but no idea how to bring it to fruition. With the help of Ms Fitzsimons and our families we started the journey and so SZE Stories was born.

A topic that affects lots of people to varying degrees is bullying. We wanted to offer a gentle solution to children that can help them to cope with, and understand the issue. And so ‘Little, Large, & Level-Headed’ was born. The book presents a strategy that offers help and advice to young children. We hope they will grow up with the mantra ‘I’m okay, and I’m happy as I am.’

The Authors

Hi! I’m Éadaoin. 

Since I was young, I’ve loved writing. I’ve won competitions with my writing (Immrama young travel writer, John Boyne short story) and brainstormed some novels, but nothing seemed to satisfy my writing bug, until I stumbled into TY and face-planted into the world of children’s books. With my friend Sarah, we talked about several topics we could address in our own book, but none stood out as much as bullying. 

When I was 9 I experienced bullying myself. With the help of my Mam and Dad, and a lovely teacher at school, Mrs Duffy, I learned how to cope.  

This is my first publication, and I hope it won’t be the last. With keyboards at the ready and markers in our hands, the next book won’t be long coming. 

Happy reading! 


Hi , I’m Zara and I’m really happy to be a part of this project. I’ve been really interested in Art from a very young age and grab opportunities that come my way! I’m a Transition Year art student in St Louis so when Éadaoin and Sarah asked me to be the illustrator for “Little,Large & Level-Headed” I was thrilled and thought it was very exciting as art is a career that I may look into in the future.

I really enjoy animation drawing so creating the characters for the book was right down my street ! After the first few drafts of the illustrations of the book I immediately got attached to the characters and I hope you do too! I would love to see young people using this book to learn and foster their self confidence!

Hi, my name is Sarah! I’m the co-author of this book, which is a sentence I never thought I’d be able to say. I’ve always been interested in writing, however I never thought of it as more than just a hobby, so when I got the opportunity to write this book with my friend, I said, “Hey, why not? That’ll be something to pass the weeks.” I never thought it’d get this far.

Although, thankfully, I’ve never been bullied, I know a lot of people who have been. Sometimes I wonder how much easier their lives could have been if they knew what to do while they were in those situations, which gave me the idea for this book.

I’ve really enjoyed working with my friends, and I hope you enjoyed reading it too! I can’t wait to start working on the next book.


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